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Through Her Eyes: Contemporary Shorts by Women of Color - Identity

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Through Her Eyes: Contemporary Shorts by Women of Color - Identity

  • BAM 30 Lafayette Avenue Brooklyn, NY, 11217 United States (map)

Honoring and respecting women of color continues to be an underrepresented notion in mainstream media. This series provides a selection of short films, all by women of color, on a range of contemporary topics including idealized notions of beauty and colorism, family and identity, sexuality and relationships.

Creatively Speaking is proud to present the following films

For Paradise - Elizabeth Webb

For Paradise is a hybrid documentary that traces the construction of racial identities within a family where members operate on both sides of the “color line.” Allowing the story of her great-grandmother Paradise to guide the viewer through complicated family histories of migration and racial passing, the filmmaker successfully navigates the spaces where power can be found in absence and loss. The filmmaker’s great-grandmother was a black woman known for her exquisite beauty, yet there are no recorded images of her. Her name was Paradise.

Field Notes - Vashti Harrison 

Field Notes is an experimental portrait of the ghosts embedded in the culture of the island nation of Trinidad and Tobago. The film is structured as a visual and aural field guide to the ghosts spirits and jumbies throughout the island: from personal tales about shape shifters and bloodsuckers, to the ghosts of Trinidad’s past. The film focuses on the places where the natural and supernatural collide.

Charcoal - Francesca Andre

Charcoal captures the parallel stories of two black women and their lifelong journey to overcome internalized colorism, find self-acceptance and ultimately redemption. Despite the vast distances between them, these women both face a barrage of social messages from strangers and loved ones alike. Yet through this painful erosion of their self-worth, these women rediscover their power and undergo a metamorphosis. They fully embrace the beauty, versatility and dignity of their melanin and begin to disrupt the generational cycle of self-hatred within communities of color.

Sixteen - Vashti Harrison

Sixteen is my mother’s coming of age story. It is an exploration in memory and what time can change. The sound and image form a marriage between the past and the present in three layers: the story of a difficult childhood, the photos of a beautiful adulthood and the fragile cracking audio of a voice recounting these fading memories. These juxtapositions work simultaneously to tell the story of a coming of age that happened over the course of many years, but many years too late.

The Knot -Davina Lee

The Knot is a short magical realism film, based on a true story of manufactured love gone wrong.

The screenings will be followed by a Q&A session hosted by Michelle Materre with the Filmmakers, where the audience will get a chance to ask questions and interact with them.