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Through Her Eyes: Contemporary Shorts by Women of Color- Relationships

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Through Her Eyes: Contemporary Shorts by Women of Color- Relationships

  • BAM 30 Lafayette Avenue Brooklyn, NY, 11217 United States (map)

Honoring and respecting women of color continues to be an underrepresented notion in mainstream media. This series provides a selection of short films, all by women of color, on a range of contemporary topics including idealized notions of beauty and colorism, family and identity, sexuality and relationships.

Creatively Speaking is proud to present the following films

Dreams in Transit - Karen Martinez

Dreams in Transit is a poetic, cine-essay style documentary reflecting on the theme of identity and belonging for contemporary migrants. The narrator, a London-based Trinidadian, returns to the Caribbean to explore the meaning of ‘home’ and where it is that both migrants and non-migrants might be said to ‘belong’. Using a kaleidoscopic collage approach, the film weaves actuality, poetry, narration, fiction, and interviews with a range of people: from fishermen to artists and cultural commentators. Perhaps identity is not so much a fact but a production, which is never complete, always in process.

De Colores - Luz Zamora

Aura Taibel has cleaned the houses of others for over thirty years. Through her service, Aura may be perceived as quiet and unassuming. Yet, in reality, Aura is a driven worker who skillfully navigates New York City while facing the challenges of being an outsider. Through Aura’s eyes, we learn about the challenges of living and working as an immigrant in the U.S., who, like many others, go unnoticed. Aura emerges triumphant as a promising real-estate entrepreneur in her native Colombia.

Auntie - Lisa Harewood

A common occurrence in the Caribbean, a young girl is being raised by her “Auntie,” who steps in as parental surrogate following her mother’s migration to London. This arrangement has its downside, as neither child nor caregiver can know when their makeshift family could be torn apart. So goes the story in “Auntie”. But there is another side to this issue. For some families, the time spent apart can never be recovered. “Auntie” is a story that is at once universal — exploring conflicts of kinship, matriarchy and family ties — and particular, in its representations of a Barbadian experience.

Black Heirlooms - Amanda Brown

When the filmmaker’s 86 year old grandmother (Mee-Mah) was hospitalized after a stroke, her 8 children became irreconcilably divided over her small estate. Through the story of the family, and supporting interviews with researchers, lawyers, authors, and financial planners-- Black Heirlooms examines how we pass things on from one generation to the next and where we are going wrong. Can we ever close the widening wealth gap? And why does it matter? Is the value of family estates more or less important than the access that wealth can provide? This is a film about intergenerational wealth, and a personal and cultural examination of the wealth gap in America.

The screenings will be followed by a Q&A session hosted by Michelle Materre with the Filmmakers, where the audience will get a chance to ask questions and interact with them.