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Creatively Speaking on the Air

Changing the cultural narrative -- one image at a time

a weekly radio program on the Black Whole Radio Network.

Wednesday Nights at 7:00 pm.

Tune in Online at or call in at (323) 927-2913

Creatively Speaking on the Air is a weekly radio program, produced and hosted by Michelle Materre. It provides an ongoing digital platform for a more in depth discussion of topic of interest to our listeners interested in independent film, music and the arts. The radio program continues the dialogue initiated by the film series, and appeals to a variety of audiences -- crossing multiple cultural, geographic and socio-economic divides. The radio show is webcast through the Black Whole Radio network, a subsidiary of Black Whole Entertainment, LLC. Black Whole Radio's mission is to disseminate information that will enlighten, elevate, educate and improve the human condition throughout the Diaspora.



Black Lives Matter 101

"Black Lives Matter 101: A Comprehensive Course in Black Social Movements" - tonight's topic"Faith in America's Social Movements". For more info go to: 
Congrats to Tolani Elumade and entire New Black School team for organizing such an amazing full week of important, engaging classes!


Film in Living Room with American Black Film Festival

We’re LIVE from The Living Room with Black, Brown and digital and The American Black Film Festival! FILM IN THE LIVING ROOM this Wednesday April 6th at Meridian 23 in NYC. 6pm-10pm. FREE. Come network, party and play with us as we countdown to the American Black Film Festival's 20th year anniversary in Miami this June. ...


Black Women In Medicine

Encore Presentation of Women's History month film programs including March 29th - FLAHERTY NYC: Closing Night: Life/Death and Afterlife - Filmmakers Kim Miller and Kasper Akhøj in person! with The New School professor Lana Lin; and March 30th Changing the Face of Medicine documentary film screening of Black Women in Medicine with School of Media Studies alumni, Crystal Emery.


Women’s History Month programming

Creatively Speaking is co-presenting several amazing film programs this month, in honor of Women’s History Month. Joining the Creatively Speaking “A” team as our guests this week is Eric V. Tait, Jr., the producer and founder of the Media Magic Mount Vernon International Film Festival. The Festival is tied to the 25th Anniversary of the re-discovery of the New York African Burial Ground; The UN’s Remembering Slavery/International Celebration of Decade for People of African Descent Initiatives; Women’s History month, and last but not least, the significance and the importance of Black Lives/Black Culture. Also joining us is Lana Lin, Associate Professor of Film Theory and Digital Cinema at The New School.


Encore presentation of the TELL IT LIKE IT IS series

With Host Michelle Materre and special guests Al Santana director of “Voices Of The Gods”, Madeline Anderson the first female editor to work in public television and Jessie Maple producer of "Will" the first post-civic rights feature-length produced by an African-American women!!


LIVE FROM SVA Theater – Cocktails, Cinema and Revolution!

LIVE from Cocktails, Cinema and Revolution! Creatively Speaking on the Air will be on the Red Carpet with @AvaDuVernay, @MHP Melissa Harris Perry, Hill Harper and more! 

On the phone: 323-927-2913



LIVE from The New School we covered HOT social issues and the role media plays, film festivals and the most anticipated films for 2016 with host Michelle Materre and special guests Gilberte Saint-Preux, Laurrice Monnae and Pia Sanchez.



We're talking about Why #OscarsSoWhite with host Michelle Materre and co-host Playing Frisbee in North Korea's director Savanna Washington. 

Also, great interview with filmmakers from the new film from Ethipia, LAMB by Yared Zeleke and Ampadu!


LIVE from The Blackhouse Foundation Pre Sundance Film Festival Party –   Looking back and looking ahead at the year in Black Film

This week we’ll be broadcasting LIVE from The Blackhouse Foundation kick off party! The Blackhouse Foundation works to expand opportunities for Black filmmakers by providing a physical gathering venue for our constituents at the world’s most prominent film festivals, encouraging the inclusion of black filmmakers with films selected by the festival and creating a nucleus for continuing support, community, education and knowledge. 

We’ll be speaking to filmmakers on their way to Sundance for the first time, as well as veterans returning with their latest work. 

Co-hosting with Michelle Materre will be Savanna Washington and Sabrina Schmidt Gordon, filmmakers and educators in their own right!


“Freedom for Whom?” -- Encore Presentation from Oct 16 2013 

Originally Aired after America celebrated "Independence" on July Fourth, Creatively Speaking on the Air offers an encore presentation of a touching and educational topic “Freedom for Whom?” Filmmaker and scholar Ray Telles, Alexandra Salazar and other New School students interviewed undocumented activists. We encourage listeners to ask themselves what it really means to be free or rather, who really is free? 


Changing the Face of Medicine 

A presentation of the book: Against All Odds. In Washington D.C


Black Lives Matter

#BlackLivesMatter movement and current events happening in Chicago


The Black Arts Movement in Chicago 

LIVE from Chicago. Speaking about what's happening on Chicago, all the latest on the still going strong Black Arts Movement there! 

Guests will be musician, social activists and educator, Kahil El'Zabar, and filmmaker Lonnie Edwards. 


Creatively Speaking presents - DISCOVERY WEEKEND part 2

Filmmaker June Cross joins us to discuss her new documentary “Wilhemina’s War”. “Wilhemina’s War” is a personal narrative that tells the story of one family’s struggle with HIV told against the backdrop of the national healthcare debate. 

Winthrop Holder will speak with us about the film “PAN: Our Music Odyssey”.  

Winthrop R. Holder is a New York City educator, has written extensively on Caribbean cultural pedagogy and on pan and the philosophy of Black Stalin. He is author of  Classroom Calypso: Giving Voices to the Voiceless (Peter Lang International Academic Publishers, 2007).

Also joining in the conversation is our two co-hosts/commentators, cultural critic and journalist, Malika Leigh Whitney and educator/filmmaker Savanna Washington.


Upcoming Creatively Speaking Film Series - DISCOVERY WEEKEND

This week on Creatively Speaking on the Air, hear from two of our Award winning filmmakingteams whose work we'll be highlighting at next weekend's "Discovery Weekend: UncoveringTruths, Finding Ourselves"!


Creatively Speaking Film Series– Opens 20th Consecutive Season!

In celebration of our 20th consecutive season as a film series known for its high quality, socially and culturally relevant work, Creatively Speaking Film Series opens with Spotlight Caribbean at MIST Harlem, September 11-13th, 2015. Tonight we speak with three of the filmmakers from the series. Gladstone Yearwood’s film, shot on location in Barbados, is entitled Sweet Bottom, shown as a sneak preview for the first time here in the U.S. And from Guadeloupe, filmmaker Stephanie James’ amazing series Women West Indies Diaspora will be highlighted with three portraits of intriguing women artists from around the globe. And fromJamaica, we’ll hear about Karen Marks Mafundikwa’s captivating documentary,The Price of Memory.Tune in to learn all about the series and meet guest co-host Karen Williams, filmmaker, actress and activist, who will join us at MIST Harlem over the weekend.


“Inciting Media Madness: Donald Trump and other Racial Absurdities”

What role does the media play in inciting the recent upsurge in racially motivated acts of violence? How and should we make the media accountable for their reporting? Filmmakers, film enthusiasts, scholars and critics offer their insights into this current “hot topic” 


Upcoming Film Festivals and T(ERROR) documentary

(T)ERROR is the story of Saeed "Shariff" Torres, a 62-year-old former Black Panther-turned-counterterrorism informant for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The film is discussed wih filmmakers Lyric Cabral and David Felix Sutcliffe 


Encore Presentation of Through A Lens Darkly

A documentary that explores how important media representation is for people of color.  


People of Color Naked

People of color cover up even when we are naked and why. 


Detroit 48202

Conversations along a Postal Route with Pam Sporn, wendell Watkins and Marsha Music.



Nailah Jefferson, filmmaker of Vanishing Pearls, Black Oyster fisherman in the Gulf whose multigenerational livelihood was destroyed by the BP Oil Spill!


Haiti in the Spotlight - HCX Film Festival 

In this show we have a special guest: Sabrina Schmidt Gordon is a Haitian-American documentary filmmaker based in NYC. She is the producer and editor of DOCUMENTED—about Pulitzer Prize-winning undocumented journalist, Jose Antonio Vargas, and his fight for immigration reform.


FORWARD EVER: The Killing of a Revolution – by Bruce Paddington.

A critical discussion surrounding the film, Forward Ever and its impact on the Caribbean community with Bruce Paddington, Roger Toussaint, Martin Felix, Dr. Patrick Clement, Guest Co-Host, Alice Backer.                        


Earth, Wind & Fire – musical storytellers of our times!

Creatively Speaking and Habana Harlem, join forces in this special program. This show will explore the phenomenal success of this group and how, through music, EWF has defined most of the major social and political movements in this country since the 1970’s via their signature sound.


Black Women’s Voices - Now and Forever!
(What lessons have we learned from these women’s work?)

This show highlights the work of the late Maya Angelou and Lorraine Hansberry. Also includes New School students on their favorite work of Maya Angelou and the upcoming documentary about Lorraine Hansberry.


Encore Presentation of The Best Man Holiday and how to “crossover”!

Encore Presentation of a show Co-Hosted with the wonderful, Carolyn Johnson and filmmaker Malcolm Lee.


Live Stream of Black Power Mixtape!

Michelle Materre moderates special panel in celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the Brown vs. Board of Education Supreme Court decision back in 1954. An illustrious panel discussion of the new book "Black Power MixTape", Haymarket Press, with Danny Glover, Kathleen Cleaver, educator Brian Jones, delve deeper into this topic.


A Special Tribute to Carolyn Johnson.

Creatively Speaking pays tribute to our dear Sister Carolyn Johnson - a frequent co-host on our program. She made her transition from this life on April 24th.


Sugarman Found: the music and myth of singer/songwriter Sixto Rodriguez!

May 7, 2014 Creatively Speaking Film Series on the air will help bring back to life the hidden musical gem: Sixto Rodriguez with special guest Donna Walker-Kuhne.


Encore Presentation of
Let the fire Burn Part II!

On May 13, 1985, the city of Philadelphia feuded with a revolutionary organization, MOVE , resulting in a black neighborhood in flames. Filmmaker Jason Order is highlighted.


Let the Fire Burn, Part II!

FilmmakerJason Order, and MOVE member Ramona Africa discuss the film, Let the Fire Burn.


Presentation of Let the Fire Burn, Part I!

On May 13, 1985, the city of Philadelphia feuded with a revolutionary organization, MOVE , resulting in a black neighborhood in flames. Film by Jason Order is highlighted. Guests include Malika Lee Whitney, Zeba Blay and Forrest Parker.


Who's History Is It: Celebrating the 90th Birthday of James Baldwin.

Michelle & her guests will discuss the New York Live Arts second annual Live Ideas festival, entitled James Baldwin, This Time!



Let The Fire Burn -- Who's Story is It? Part I!

On May 13, 1985, a longtime feud between the city of Philadelphia and a revolutionary organization MOVE ended with a black neighborhood in flames. Conversation about the film with New School Alumni, Zeba Blay, Malikah Lee Whitney and Forrest Parker.


Tune in to hear what Creatively Speaking is all about! 

This show is a recap of the last segment of the all-day CS conference held at the New School Feb, 22. New School Alumni, Darren Mallett, and New School student, Alexandra Salazar discuss how CS creates spaces where web artists can network, discuss representation, and help teach how to navigate online content.


Tune in to hear a lively discussion about what #bbdgitial, the brainchild of Creatively Speaking is all about!

This show is a discussion between Michelle Materre, New School Alumni, Joseph Eulo, and Brett Sanders, from Brett and The City. Enjoy their insight and useful comments about the last segment of the all-day CS panel held Feb, 22.


Black Women in Academia!

This show is a re-broadcast of the amazing panel of the film Living Thinkers: An Autobiography of Black Women in the Ivory Tower by Roxanna Walker-Canton.
Screened at the New School for the all-day conference.


Tune in to hear Creatively Speaking members share their experience with CS at the New School!

This show is an auto recording of the first segment of the all-day CS conference held at the New School Feb, 22.


Encore Representation of the great conversation between POC artists!

Re-peat of the Creatively Speaking February 12th radio show.


New Media Approaches!

This show is a conversation
about new media approaches (Distribution
Business, craft, art…) between Vinay Chowdry, Empress Varnado, and
Roxanna Walker-Canton.


Tune in to hear about the all-day Creatively Speaking event held at THE NEW SCHOOL!

Coverage of the #bbdigital program held Feb 22nd at the New School with web series producers such as, Malikah Shabazz, Empress Varnado, Darren Mallett, and Andrea Lewis.


Toussaint L’Ouverture :
The Film, The Man, The Country

Black History month celebration with a Rebroadcast of Mist Harlem Screening of Toussaint L’Ouverture with guests Andre Robinson and Dowoti Desir.


Tune in to hear Carolyn Johnson, Warrington Hudlin, Renee Moore, and Michelle Materre discuss representations of black bodies though film and art!

This show is the coverage of the “MASSA’ GAZE”: DEPICTIONS OF SLAVERY IN FILM
SYMPOSIUM at the Museum of the Moving Image.


A special highlight on the new documentary film and trans media project “Through a Lens Darkly: Black Photographers and the Emergence of a People”.

Speaking with the team of through the lens darkly- Live from Sundance.  
Filmmakers Thomas Allen Harris, Don Perry, and Ann Bennett join us LIVE from The Sundance Film Festival!


Golden Globes, Sundance and the Oscars – Do Industry Awards Really Help Films of Color? And “How to Fund our Own Films

Guest filmmaker and professor of film and television at UCLA, Neema Barnette, and artist’s representative, media entrepreneur, and attorney Marlin Adams, talk about how this award season impacts films and filmmakers of color. Mr. Adams launches a new Crowd Funding initiative, by us, for us.


Look Back/Look Ahead: Exploring media from 2013 – good, bad, and indifferent, what was the significance and what we'd like to see happen in 2014.

This week is a special presentation with Michelle Materre, host/producer of “Creatively Speaking on the Air” in collaboration with Eric Tait, host/producer of “Media Watch”, a public affairs television show on Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN)


Black, Brown and Digital Live From The MIST Harlem!!!!!

Co-Host – Aisha Karefa-Smart and guests bring light to the DIY culture with Creatively Speaking and Project black.


Live conversation of the Creatively Speaking film program at Mist Harlem!

This show is a live conversation with the filmmakers and intellectuals such as: Tracy Ann Williams, Dominga Martin, and
Laurens Grant from the CS event at Mist Harlem.


Tune in to hear Dr. Keith Nurse, Stephanie Black, and Michelle Materre discuss film and distribution.

A discussion of how film can be a tool for informing audiences on global economics, while at the same time contributing to an artist’s personal financial growth.


The Best Man Holiday and How to "crossover"!

Join Director Malcolm D. Lee and a panel of film critics and scholars as we explore the phenomenon of “Best Man Holiday" and what it means for the future of black film.


Live conversation featuring part 3 – new black films you don’t want to miss!

This conversation brings together Yolanda Ross, actress and filmmaker of Go For Sisters and Carolyn Johnson, filmmaker and educator.


Encore presentation of “And Then” by Karamu Kush live at the New School.

This show is a live program at The New School with filmmakers Ka’ramuu Kush and Sean O’Halloran, from the film, “And Then”.


Sundance, The golden globes, the Oscars--
What’s color got to do with it?

This show is a discussion about race and media with Michelle Stevenson
AND Joe Brewster, filmmakers of the recent documentary on education, American Promise.


Encore Representation of:
Bridging the Diaspora --
What are some of the tools we can use?

Encore Representation of:
A conversation with Georgia Popplewell, from Global Voices and Forrest Parker, Founder of Black Whole Radio.


Encore Presentation of:
The Role/Representation of women in not only 12 years of slave but in the new black films. 

Encore Presentation:
Michelle Materre, Co-Host
Aisha Karefa-Smart, and Tracyann Williams, continue the conversation from the week before about 12 Years a Slave.
Is it helping or is it not?


The Role/Representation of women in not only 12 years of slave but in the new black films.  

Michelle Materre, Co-Host
Aisha Karefa-Smart, and Tracyann Williams, continue the conversation from the week before about 12 Years a Slave.
Is it helping or is it not?


Bridging the Diaspora--
What are some of the tools we can use?

A conversation with Georgia Popplewell, from
Global Voices and Forrest Parker, Founder of Black Whole Radio.


Immigration -- What is going on now? How are we connected to the current issues?

Michelle Materre, New School student, Alexandra Salazar, New School student, Cecilia Frescas, UTPA student, Mariella Zavala, and Filmmaker/Scholar, Raymond Telles, bring to surface the reality of immigration in the U.S.


Taking a look at Tey by Alain Gomis!

Alice Backer, Alain Gomis, Saul Williams, Guetty Felin, Mark Walton, and Michelle Materre discuss the new film: Tey!


Encore Presentation of: A conversation with filmmaker of Tey, Alain Gomis.

Caribbean blogger and Haitian advocate, Alice Backer discusses the film Tey with filmmaker, Alain Gomis.


Tune in to hear filmmaker of Tey, Alain Gomis talk about his film!

Caribbean Scholar, Alice Backer discuses Tey with the filmmaker, Alain Gomis.


The New Black Part 2: Films Opening you Won't Want to Miss!"

Reviews of recent films by amazingly talented African American and African Diaspora filmmakers. Is this finally the New Black Film Renaissance we have been waiting for? Interviews with filmmakers and stars from new films.


Part I- The New Black Films- you don’t want to miss!

Michelle Materre and Co-Host Carolyn Johnson offer insights into new black films and more! Guetty Felin, distributor of the film TEY by Alain Gomis is our guest.


Creatively Speaking -- Live from Free Candy!

 “Tea and Cinema” event was in response to the Trayvon Martin incident and further.
program sponsored by
The Reel Sisters of the Diaspora Film Festival.


And Then…by Ka’ramuu Kush at The New School

Live streaming of New York premiere of this short film by New School Alumni Ka’ramuu Kush. Q&A with filmmakers.


Live from the Schomburg Center for Black Culture – BILL and BILL!

Michelle Materre moderates illustrious panel celebrating the lives of two Black documentary film pioneers – Bill Miles and Bill Greaves – LIVE at The Schomburg Center for Black Research and Culture with Stanley Nelson, Warrington Hudlin, Mable Haddock, Woodie King and Nina Rosenblum.


Live from the MIST Harlem -- the grand opening of The My Image Studio Theatre (MIST) in Harlem, NY and the premiere of the film Otelo Burning.

Live Broadcast from MIST Harlem – Premiere of Otelo Burning with filmmaker Sara Blecher.